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Well, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! That’s right boys and girls the conclusion to the action/adventure comic thrill ride that is The X-Crabs!!

Have the X-Crabs succeeded in thwarting that scoundrel Rommy (The Romulans) from carrying out his dastardly time travel/web content stealing/world dominating plans??? The fate of the world is hanging in the balance!

To recap with issue one go HERE!
Or to jump right into issue two for the conclusion go HERE!

Once you’re done reading and have calmed down a bit – head over to the store-o-crap and pick up an X-Crabs Lunchbox or T-Shirt!!! – You know you want it!

Hey! Check out my poll! That’s right! (over there on the right!) Sitebox creator, Roy, has added yet more functionality to this fabulous site engine – now I can ask pointless questions and rate the answers! All is right with the world!

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    The Romulans
    My mother always told me if you voted Buffy on a poll with both Parker Lewis and The A-Team, you were not a man.