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Silver Surfer: And Them Other Four

Just a quick update on the naming of the new Fantastic Four movie. A couple of weeks ago it was officially let out of the bag by jessica alba that The Silver Surfer would be appearing in the sequel to the 2005’s Fantastic Four. Well, now that the official title of said sequel has been announced I think that we get a greater understanding of just how large the part our alloy friend will actually be playing in this film… the title: Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer

For the record, here at EOL, the Surfer is considered the be the greatest of all the super heroes. So, as you can imagine, I’ll be keeping a close eye on FF2 as it’s release date approaches. They’ve allocated themselves a hard task with this film, IMO the Surfer will be one of the hardest characters ever to move successfully from the pages of a graphic novel to the big screen.. fingers crossed that they do him justice.

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