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Sci-Geek links a plenty

WARNING: Some of these links contain big words!

Space Invaders
“.. But there is another threat that deserves immediate attention: the remote but scary possibility of accidental microbial contamination from space.”

Man with a Mission
“It may look like a garden barbecue, or a giant pocket watch. But it is, in fact, a space probe – on Christmas Day it will land on Mars and start exploring”

Grand Spectacle of Nature
“South Africans had a good reason to wake up very early this morning as the moon disappeared behind the earth’s shadow in a total eclipse”

Voyager: Beyond the Great Beyond
“Hurtling through the frigid expanse beyond the planets, NASA’s aging spacecraft Voyager 1 has reached the edge of the Solar System, where it has encountered a massive shock wave…”

.. There’ll be a test on this stuff in the morning!

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