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EGE: A Geek in Heaven

Things over at the EGE Blog have been going pretty well (aside from some downtime last week), however because I haven’t had too much time to spam this place lately I thought I’d swing by and post a quick update.

While the posts over at the blog haven’t been thick and fast or anything, there has been a heap of stuff going on, most of which will be posted there at a later date. And while I can’t really say too much just yet I can let it slip that there are some really big (and extremely cool) announcements that are still to be made… So stay tuned!

One of the neat things that I’ve been doing lately is meeting up with a lot of the people who are supporting the expo (I even managed to crash an interview on TripleR the other week) and amongst those was Morten Brodersen, the CEO of Third Wave Games. Morten is likely to be at the expo, appearing on an industry panel and probably hanging about to promote the company’s new game: War World, in fact, that’s why he and I met up, so that I could shoot this video for the blog:

[ The video has been scaled to fit the format here at EOL, to see it at it’s original size go here ]

Morten is a really nice guy and it was great being able to talk with him about game development and what not.

During the time leading up the the expo I’ll probably be putting together a few more videos.. in fact I’m booked in to do some filming next week.. so maybe you’ll see more of them posted here. If not, keep an eye on the EGE Blog.

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