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Series: Moon Knighting

Your average ‘not a nerd’ on the street probably isn’t too familiar with the Marvel character Moon Knight as he’s not what most would consider a ‘headline’ name.. despite having headlined his own issues for quite some time.

Marc Spector became Moon Knight after being left for dead in the ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple. Rather than die, like most of the people who are left for dead, Spector was visited by a vision of the Egyptian god of the Moon, Khonshu. Khonshu offered to save Spector provided he became the gods ‘go to guy’ here on Earth. Given the alternative, Spector agree and, after making short work of the guy who’d previously failed to leave him for dead, Spector returned to America. There Spector took on the Moon Knight identity (amongst others) and started fighting both crime and weird friggin creatures – Like the unfortunately named Jack Russell, who just so happened to also be a Werewolf… a small yappy one by the sound of it.

Like many of Marvel’s catalogue Moon Knight has had a few transformations throughout his existence.

So, why the dork lesson? Well, despite his limited recognition (or perhaps because of it) Moon Knight is set to star in his own television series. The series, which will be produced by No Equal Entertainment, has yet to be cast however given that company’s history (First Wave, The Collector) I can’t say I’m holding out a great deal of hope for the show – Superhero based TV shows tend not to have a very long lifespan. Sure there are exceptions, but for every Buffy, there’s a Blade and with First Wave and The Collector both being shows which exhibited great potential but ultimately fell short of delivering I wont be holding my breath for the Moon Knight series. Having said that, I’m more than happy to be proven wrong and hope that the deal between Marvel and No Equal results in something really cool. [source]

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