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Wholly holy!!

Before another person feels the need to email me (appreciated by the way) I am well aware that traditionally the term ‘holy crap’ is spelt that way (with the ‘holy’ and not the ‘Wholly’ as I spell it) There is a reason for that.

Holy, Suggests a religious connotation and your elroy is not a religious man here peeps!

Wholly, on the other hand, suggests that what ever the comment is in reference to is ‘entirely’ crap like.. Which – in most cases, I believe, is more the message attempting to be conveyed…

I bet that if you were to ask Steve he’d tell you that the leak was an entirely crappy thing…

It’s also an expression favored by the X-Crabs.

For those (non Mac users) wondering what I’m on about – check here!

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    Thanks, you made my day!
    Timely, accurate, um… well, not al that informative. Makes me wish that I could be front and center on monday…

    So, can we assume that linux on itanium _and_ solaris on sparc are going the way of the dodo?

    Have a nice weekend,
    (just another unix geek considering buying a mac)

  • Thanks Gary
    Much appreciated dude.
    Glad to have entertained… well… anyone!