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The Award Winning Spider-Man

Nominations are out.. or in.. or where-ever it is that nominations go, for this years Internet Movie awards! And low and behold our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has bagged 10, giving it the second highest number of nominations (Including Best Picture!). Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst both picked up a ‘best lead’ award nomination for their roles in Spider-man and the movie is also up for a “Best Visual Effects” award.
Other films nominated are Minority Report (for which Tom Cruise has gained a best actor nomination), Panic Room and Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

But the one of interest to me – and people of good musical taste everywhere – is that the Dave Matthews Band song “Where Are You Going”, from the Mr. Deeds sound track has picked up a nomination for “Best Song From a Movie” – so go vote for it!!!

Note: Turbo’s condition remains unchanged – although research has revealed that he may simply be preparing to shed his exoskeleton.

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    I’d have to say SpiderMan would be my vote, for everything but especially the original Score composed by Danny Elfman. Brilliant stuff.

    At first i thought he was having trouble composing for another superhero (Elfman did the first two Batman scores – both memorable), but the more i hear tracks from SpiderMan the more original it feels.

    Problem is, i can only seem to find a lead on purchasing the soundtrack somewhere in Italy…i have no idea why it’s not easily acessable. And Italy? Again, no idea.

  • Bah
    yeah that was me. Damn not logging in and all that…