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Tiz’ the frikkin season…

This is about the time of year that you promise yourself that you’ll start your Christmas shopping early and ‘beat the rush’, of course that never happens and you find yourself, the day before Christmas, trapped, attempting to get to the counter of the $2 shop with an armful of crap that no-one will want, in amongst all of the other morons who broke the same promise to themselves!

Well, I can’t do anything about that.. but I can help you spread the merry word about just how big a dumbass you are by providing you with the perfect companion to that armful of crap….

An elroyonline Christmas card!!

I shit you not my friend! I’ve just added the design to the store’o’crap! No need to thank me, just get your credit card out, purchase a pack and let your loved ones know what poor judgment you have by sending them one of these pointless pieces of crap!

Remember, this is not a money making venture on my part, I created this store to give you another opportunity to prove your gullibility, and I make no financial gain from your purchase!

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