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Spiderman: Suit up!

Me, not a huge fan of the first two Spidey movies. I’m not saying that they were crap or anything, far from it, I’m just saying that I didn’t think they were as good as all of the (follow up) hype gave them credit for. I’ll admit though that they have completely changed the landscape for graphic-novel to film adaptations and, without their impact I doubt that studios or investors would have fronted up the cash for the slew of superhero movies that have followed.

This time around, in what is usually ‘meh’ territory (ie: the third movie) I’m actually getting pretty excited about this installment. And it’s for one reason and one reason only… VENOM!

For those who don’t quite get the black suit thing going on there in this trailer, that’s Venom.. or, well, depending on how they tackle the origin of this character in the movie, will become Venom. It will be interesting to see just how close to the movie stays to the origin of Venom as it appeared in the comic. I doubt they’ll be able to stay with canon too tightly primarily because the character stems from a series called The Secret Wars, in which Spiderman joined with the likes of The Fantastic Four to go off and fight on an an alien planet. Mr Fantastic (Reed Richards) also plays a part in separating Spiderman from the suit once the characters are back on Earth.

Given the nature of the Marvel Universe this sort of thing is going to happen quite a bit. More often than not major stories, which spawn new characters or important changes to existing characters, happen in the the pages of a cross-over adventure. While would be nice to think that the cast of The Fantastic Four could show up even for the briefest scene to help keep the story faithful, I very much doubt that will happen.

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    You know, I didnt watch either Spiderman movie until they were both out on DVD, but I enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would, and I expect I’ll get them all on DVD when and if the third one comes out, and is good.

    Like… I’m not sure I’ll be getting X3, for example.

  • No Hate For Parker
    I’ll get X3 because it completes the trilogy… unlike say, alien3 or 4, which in my mind were completely superfluous movies.

    I don’t hate the Spiderman flicks, they just aren’t my ideal superhero movies – I prefer the stuff with a slightly darker edge to it – which Spiderman3 may very well have.