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Don’t neglect your studies!

Some of you are already familiar with the cult member like obsession with which I watch Letterman. The rest of you would have just learnt about it in the first line of this post!

Dave is the king, there is no doubt about that – You only have to watch the guy turn 10 minutes of talking to some unknown in the audience into great television to understand that. Often the most amusing segments on the show are the ones that don’t work the way they are planned – or work exactly as planned [depending on how much credit you give the late show team].

Another great aspect of the Late Show is the wealth of musical musical talent that graces the stage of the Ed Sullivan theater – Acts like Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band and Foo Fighters are regularly booked. Much of the credit for the stella line up of musical acts must go to that whacky Canadian guy Paul Shaffer. Paul is clearly in charge of getting these awesome acts onto the show – and every so often he books an ‘up and coming’ act – giving a new band an incredible opportunity to be seen around the world…. Well, last night that generosity was wasted by a ‘band’ called the VINES. [read more]

In a display that left Paul saying “I hope they don’t neglect their school work” lead singer Craig Nicholls screamed, jumped around, threw himself over the guests chairs near Dave’s desk and generally carried on more like a ‘Stupid human tricks’ act than a performer worthy of the exposure that The Late Show offered this band. It even appeared that the rest of the band, who tried valiantly to keep their performance on track, were pissed at the lead singers antics – Bass player, Patrick Matthews, actually managed to sing his vocals but was seemingly agitated by Nicholls’ performance – not waiting for Nicholls buffoonery to end before unplugging his guitar and walking off stage, following Drummer, Hamish Rosser, who threw his sticks away after Nicholls knocked down part of his kit.

Fans all over the web have been posting their disappointment with the bands recent live shows – including the Letterman performance.

There’s classic rock rebellion against the system – and then there’s being a fool.. And on a show that welcomes performances regularly from Bands like the Foo FIghters, the VInes outing on the Late show has to be considered the latter of the two.

If you need a laugh you can watch a copy of their performance on the late show site. Rest assured that Dave and the team will get some great milage out of the Vines performance – Probably a damn sight more than the Band themselves will.

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    Dude I saw this crazy guy too. I rekon he must have smoked some serious shit to be playing up like he did.

    My money is on the band kicking him out :)

  • We can only hope
    I can’t speak for the Band – but it really did look like they were pretty pissed off.

  • They can’t kick him out, even if they wanted to… he’s the signature crazy, good-looking frontman who also writes all the songs.