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Desktop goodness

Scratching around the bowels of the e:/ drive I stumbled across the long forgotten remains of an ancient work of art…

Ok, so it was really only about a month or two old and whether it’s ‘art’ or not is purely subjective… but here it is:

[click it stoopid]

Clicking it will take you to the ‘images’ page here at EOL – there you will find many other splendors (read: crap) designed to adorn your computah screen.

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  • I swear….
    … I got to find some sort of fire wall that will keep you idiots away from my site….

  • i have an idea



    *CLICKS [b]BALEETED![/b]*

    ahahah now those idiots wont be able to get to your site!

  • Keep dreaminge boob…
    If my brain fell out and was eaten by butt monkeys I still wouldn’t give you FTP access to the EOL vault!

  • I want that design on a tshirt.