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Movie: The Zyzzyx Saga

There’s a pretty high probability that if you’ve heard of the movie “Zyzzyx Rd” it’s because you, like me, read the story doing the rounds earlier this week. For those of you who missed the talk, Variety ran a story outlining the fact that Zyzzyx Rd made the lowest box office taking of any movie since the beginning of modern record keeping (apparently that started in the 1980’s).

What Variety failed to point out is that 2 million dollar independent film only opened in one cinema in Dallas and was only run for 6 days. Another thing that the Variety reporter, Dade Hayes, failed to do was credit his source for all this – But that’s a battle that CHUD’s Devin Faraci is better armed to fight than me.

What interested me about all this whole thing is the fact that this movie actually looks like it may be pretty decent, or at least intriguing… And Hey! Even if it does suck, at least it’s got Katherine Heigl in it, so that’s worth whatever blockbuster are asking you to pony up for it!

The film also stars Tom Sizemore (Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan) and Rickey Medlocke, (yeah, the Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist) and a guy called Leo Grillo, whose production company produced the film.

If the trailer posted on the official site is anything to go by, the film looks great and is potentially laced with some kooky mind messing with – You know, the “Is the dude dead or is he talking to a ghost?” kind of stuff. Anyway, given that the film appears to have been distributed here in Aust I’ll see if I can’t find myself a copy. If I do manage to I’ll post my thoughts. [source]

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    Devin’ll sort him out…
    The fact that three people in six days saw the film doesn’t hint at its quality? It may have been a contractual stipulation that got it even released (as hinted on CHUD), but more would have seen it by accident surely. Its almost as though there was someone there saying not to go and see it. Weird but fun story. Thanks for the Heigl pics too!

  • Always a pleasure…
    I think that the fact that only three people saw the movie suggests more that, while contractually obligated to open, it simply didn’t have the budget to advertise it. I’d like to believe that people make their way off the beaten track to discover films that haven’t been rammed down their throats by marketing departments, however, generally that isn’t the case – You, my friend, are the welcome exception, not the rule.

    The fact that CHUD ended up using a ‘fake’ poster in their story about the movie (Fake, in so much as it was created by one of their forum regulars) says a lot for the amount of promotion the film was given too (IMO anyway).

    Still, the proof is in the pudding, if you manage to get your hands on a copy, Donster, I’d love to hear what you really think of it.