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A case of coordination – or lack there of!

Ok – so I decide to do my first ever bit of case modding.. Now, for the uninitiated (and those with a life), a ‘case mod’ is basically taking to your computer case with some form of power tools… Usually, at least in the PC world, it’s a matter of bunging a window in the side of a beige box to show off the internal hardware as it’s lit up like the blitz by some ill chosen, poorly colored, fluro tube – All for the purpose of making the box look better.

Well, this was not my plan.. Mr Ive over in Apple’s design department already did a good enough job making my computer ‘look better’ – No, for me this was a mod of purely practical purposes. You see, in their infinite wisdom Apple limited to precisely one, the number of optical drives that you could use in the original ‘QuickSilver’ case… And indeed many of the designs that came before it – Stupid, I know, but I’d never really ‘needed’ a second optical drive in the Mac before – Hell, I still don’t! But I had a spare one kicking around and the overwhelming desire to get all manly with some of the power tools that I got for xmas,,,,,

Ok, so – Mod complete! Verdict: Total success – But there was a price….

Elroy’s bodily injury count:

Metal shavings buried in right hand: 2
Metal shavings buried in left hand: 1
Drill bits jammed into leg: 1
Miscellaneous cuts: 5
Miscellaneous bruises: 2 (maybe 3)
Marks left in knee cap after kneeling on screws: 1

The worst of all injuries though, came about when I stepped backwards onto ‘something’ – ‘Something’ that my brain immediately told me was ‘something’ very, VERY important and that I should get off it without haste! Which I did – calling upon all of my ninja like reflexes I fell over with the grace and elegance of a demolition team right onto the corner of a table…. Can you say “2 inch gash in the shoulder blade” boys and girls?

Suffice it to say my career in case modding is done with – life’s just too short.

Oh and by the way – that important ‘something’ turned out to be the empty plastic packet that a drill bit came in… ‘something’ very, VERY unimportant.

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    hahahah you idiot


    “Marks left in knee cap after kneeling on screws: 1”

    stupid knees :eep!:

  • swap drives
    have you tried swapping the drives and making the DVD master to see what opens then?

  • Thanks for the suggestion
    I’ve already tried swapping the master/slave settings on the drives – however I always end up with one drive which wont open unless there is a disc mounted in it already.

    For a full list of methods that I’ve tried (including the master/slave settings) go here.

  • My feeble suggestion
    I am lucky enought to own a Dual 1.25Ghz machine so the second drive works fine for me. I am no expert but one thing jumps out at me as a possible solution. Shoot me down in flames if I am talking bol**cks.

    Previous to the MDD machines I am sure Macs use the normal Slave/Master jumper settings to identify drives. (My Dual G4 450Mhz does.)

    In the downloadable instructions for installing a second optical drive in an MDD machine you are advised only to use the cable installed in the Mac to connect additional drives. You are warned that the cable supplied with the drive ‘may not properly support cable select mode.’

    I noticed from your list of attempted configurations that you have tried cable select mode. I wonder if the cable installed in your machine falls into the category of ‘not supporting cable select mode properly.’

    It may be worth while trying to obtain a cable form an MDD machine, or one that you are sure support cable select mode.

    OK, that’s my 10 cents worth!! :smile:

  • Valid suggestion.
    I’ll look into getting hold of an IDE cable if I can. However I’m not overly sure that the cable that is already there is the problem.
    When I connect the drives as [cable select] the Apple system profiler reports the drives as [master] and [slave]. Pressing the eject media button with that setting reacts just as if the drives were physically set to the settings that ASP identifies them as.

    Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll look into it.

  • Valid !!?? oo-er!!
    ASP on my MDD machine shows the drives as ‘unit 0’ and ‘unit 1’. No mention of Slave/Master. Dunno if this is relevant or not!

  • My mistake
    I meant ‘Disk utility’ reports the [master]/[slave] settings not ‘Apple System Profiler’ – You are correct, ASP labels the drives as ‘Unit Number 0’ and ‘Unit Number 1’

  • Dilbert
    dude i love case modding, post some pics and when i get my hands on a digi cam ill post some in my ozfo webspace and post it everywhere

  • Umm, pictures?
    I know you’ve done a dual optical mod with hinged doors:) Could you post directions on how to accomplish this thing? Subject to mod being Sawtooth/350…


  • This works for me…
    I haven’t mounted my second drive in my graphite G4 yet, but I found a way to eject each drive!

    I used Toast and Applescript!

    Find out what drive opens/closes with the built-in eject key.

    Now open Toast and select it’s default drive to be the opposite drive.

    Then write/record one Applescript that launches Toast, ejects the recorder drive, then quits Toast.

    Write/record a second Applescript that does the above, but closes the recorder drive.

    Ta Da!

    by John Skinner

    P.S. Let me know how this works for you, email me at..
    john at john skinner dot net.

  • Oh, I forgot…
    After you have created your Applescripts, save them as standalone programs or whatever. Then use XKeys (versiontracker) to assign each it’s own f key! I think mine are assigned to f14 & f15.