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Machinima: Still Holding Out

Quite a while back now four losers got together and produced arguably the some most inept attempts at machinima ever. Machinima, for the uninitiated, is the process of using a game engine to produce videos, primarily for the purposes of entertainment: Athough, the aforementioned band of idiots dispensed with the ‘entertainment’ part and managed to ‘jump the shark’ well before they’d produced the first steaming pile in a series that they called ‘The Noobs Guide to Victory in Unreal Tournament 2004’ or ‘Victory 04’, for short.

Sadly yours truly was one of those idiots, so a lot of that junk is still cluttering up my hard drives. Every once in a while I stumble across a file that I though (hoped?) was long gone. Such was the case the other night when I found this (below) and thought I’d do a nice sharp encode of it and inflict it upon anyone foolish enough to click the ‘play’ button:

Seriously, machinima is something that I still really have a soft spot for and have never really lost my desire to continue producing it. The fact is that despite shaking my head at just how many simple film making rules I broke making The Holdouts (the thing you just watched, above), it’s something that I’ve always planned to do more of… Which is why I’ve been on the phone to Furious so much lately, running over some script ideas and technical jargon related to the Unreal game engine.

Hopefully, Furious and I will have been able to produce some new stuff soon, but if you weren’t completely put off by the rubbish that I’ve inflicted on you in this post then head over to Victory Videos to see some more of the stuff we made a few years back… Which should no doubt do the job! [source]

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