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Still Alive

Just thought I’d swing by and make a quick post to let people know (sif they care) that I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve been really busy with work projects over the last couple of months so haven’t had as much time to get up to silly stuff recently.
Some of you may have read/heard/survived the storm that passed through Melbourne the other day.. surprisingly the e-Shackâ„¢ is still standing… although, I suspect that it only remains upright because all the bits that are trying to fall down are actually holding each other up.. it’s just a theory.

My parent’s came up to Melbourne for a visit this past weekend and so my father and I got stuck into a few repair jobs/renovations around the place – That’s a whole ‘nother story, but suffice to say that the new security screen door we installed is probably still gonna be standing long after the e-Shackâ„¢ crumbles around it!

~ elroy

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    Good to hear that the eShack is standing. Just a brief update on the BrettCave. Strange debris seems to be falling from the roof of the basement which is probably ploy on behalf of my parents to get me to move out a little sooner. Keep on trucking.

  • Update from Chez Furman:

    I got into tafe, and I want to get out of this hell hole ASAP.