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Wonder Woman: First Draft

One upcoming bit of geek gear that I’ve as yet neglected to post about is the fact that the extremely personable Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity is currently working on a long awaited film version of everybody’s favorite Amazonian hottie, Wonder Woman. To be fair though, I haven’t mentioned it because, for the most part, there’s been little to talk about. That is until Joss himself surfaced from his underground lair to make one of his famous ‘drive by’ postings on the site

The more rabid of Joss’ fans will already know that he celebrated a birthday last week and the readers of Whedonesque (and many other sites) made a point of sending him their best wishes. Some with a simple ‘happy birthday’ comment and others going all out and recording a re-workings of lyrics written by Joss for an episode of Firefly. As a result, and just because he’s a nice guy, Joss made the thank-you post (under the title of: The Claw of Doom. It’s coming. And it can’t be stopped. But anyway…) in which he dropped this perl:

I have lurked, but I’ve restrained myself from yakkin’ ’cause I didn’t feel right about it while the official, no-really-I-mean-it-this-time first draft of Wonder Woman was unfinished. But I’m posting now. Hmmm, what could that mean?

What it means, obviously, is that the first draft of the Wonder Woman script (which Whedon has open said that he was ‘ having trouble with ‘) is now in the can. Of course there’s still a long way to go, but this, coupled with the fact that IMDB is already listing the stunning Indian actress, former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra (below) as ‘in negotiations’ for the lead can only mean that thing are steaming ahead.

So far there have been quite a few names thrown around in association with the Wonder Woman lead, however while I’m not familiar with Priyanka’s work, I have to admit that she really does look the part… Probably more so than (and I hate to say it) Morena Baccarin who, in my mind at least, had been the previous front runner. I think it’s pretty safe to say though that, based on Joss’ exemplary casting track record, whoever ends up playing the Amazonian princess will be perfectly suited to the part Joss writes. [source]

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