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Sequel: The Whitenating

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Sequel: The Whitenating

When I watch old movies I often find amusement in plot devices, dialogue and other elements of story telling that are clearly dated, but allow us a window into what audiences of years past found frightening, or amusing , or emotionally bracing.

Horror movies are a particularly good for allowing us to look into the past. Take, for example, the movie ‘White Noise’ which was released way back in the year 2005. From viewing this classic frightener we can gather that movie going fans from that period found entertainment in plot stylings that we, members of the enlightened viewing public of 2006, now believe to be an utter pile of shit.

Sadly though, it seem that Rogue Pictures are ignoring the lessons taught to us by previous generations and have decided to make a sequel to said pile of shit… The problem is that two names have signed on to appear in White Noise 2 (The Light), both of whom I actually quite like and wish only the best of success for.

The first being Nathan Fillion, who is probably best known as the star of the greatest sci-fi series to ever be completely shafted by the morons behind the wheel at the FOX network: Firefly. He also appeared in Buffy, Serenity (The Firefly movie) and more recently he played the lead in the brilliant horror/comedy, Slither. Fillion is also set to appear in an upcoming episode of LOST.

The other is Katee Sackhoff:

Sackhoff came to prominence amidst a storm of protests, by fans of the original Battlestar Galactica series. On Galactica she plays the re-envisigned character ‘Starbuck’ who got himself re-envisigned all the way over to being a woman in this version of the show. Fans have now (myself included) embraced this new series and Sackhoff has actually been in Starbuck’s boots for longer than their original owner, Dirk Benedict, who only appeared in 21 episodes.

White Noise 2 appears to follow on from the 2005 film in little more than concept only, so don’t expect to see Michael Keaton showing up. Unfortunately though Sackhoff and Fillion will not only be going up against whatever ill-conceived badies are concocted for them to go up against, but they’ll also have to contend with the fact that the film is being directed by Patrick Lussier (Dracula 2000)… I don’t like their chances. [source]

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