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Clever bunny!

For those of you wondering why your ‘comments’ haven’t shown up – Roy, our beloved sitebox developer has found (stumbled across!) the answer (from the comments section of the ‘Pipped by Pixar’ post from last week):

Ive worked it out.

Anyone see any problems with this post and my last post? Thats right. Im missing the little quote mark in words like Im and cant. The quote marks is what is causing it

Ah Ha, Ah Ha, Ah Ha. Ooo Im a silly little sitebox bug. Well How Do You Like That? (Doing Lama dance)

PS This bug will be fixed for next version. Sorry about this.

There you go folks – throw your grammar out the window and the comments will get through!

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    WEll thats just shite aint it :p

    roy you suck :p

  • Well then..
    Now my hi-larious comments will never be lost again! The world is a better place.