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Popcorn for one!

A few weeks back I made an entry here at EOL which listed of a few of the upcoming ‘fanboy’ features. Now that ‘DareDevil’, ‘The Matrix” and ‘X-Men 2’ have been released you’d be forgiven for thinking that the geek-fest list would have dwindled somewhat – But you’d also be wrong!

John Travolta has apparently put pen to paper and signed on (both at the same time) to play the bad-guy role in the upcoming Marvel feature ‘The Punisher ‘, ‘The Hulk’ is still on it’s way, Iron Fist, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four (WOO HOO!), Werewolf by Night, The Sub-Mariner are in the works and even the DareDevil spin off ‘Elektra’ seems to be a go.

Terminator 3, LXG and the one I just discovered the other day Underworld will be in cinemas shortly…

Oh – and speaking of fanboys – check out this video of a StarWars fan that was leaked onto the net and subsequently edited by someone with the necessary skills.
[1.1meg .WMV format]

geek out people!

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    Matrix Relaoded
    Xmen 2



  • The Matrix Reloaded wasn’t what I was expecting. Could have been better.


  • I always go into a theatre with low expectiations, that way i ALWAYS get value for money

  • The Romulans wuz ‘ere x 3
    I agree with all of the above posts.

    Except for Grimstar, because hes clearly a fucking twat.