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PSP: Attention Raider

More than anything I want to love my PSP. I want it to live up to its potential as a portable device. If you’ve ever held one in your hands you’ll know what I mean. Sony really nailed the appeal of the device from that perspective.

Unfortunately my PSP has seen little use, the thing still looks brand new in fact. The good lady Barberella used it for a while, I’d encode the episodes of shows like LOST or Veronica Mars that she’d missed and she’d watch them during her tram ride to work (or during a break). But she doesn’t even use it for that anymore.

Lately though, I’ve been seeing a bit of talk about Tomb Raider: Legends coming to the PSP and, while I haven’t paid much attention to the more recent TR games, this one (for a hand held title of this kind) looks amazing and has really piqued my interest:

Maybe it’s the nostalgia nut in me, harking back to the days I spent playing the original on my SEGA SATURN, but for whatever reason this game really appeals to me… only time will tell if this sense of nostalgia will drive me to EB Games or into the spare room to dig out the Saturn!

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