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An idiot and his money…

Well, despite all of the warnings there are some people who just can’t seem to help themselves….. Hi, I’m Elroy, you may remember me from “before the server went down” and “the day that lasted a week and a half”…

Where was I? Oh that’s right… You’ve been looking at products at the store-o-crap and thinking to yourself “you know something self, I bet that I would look fantastic drinking out of my elroyonline mug, while wearing my elroyonline hat and t-shirt!” – I know that you have, you can’t lie to me… Anyway – a couple of likely lads have fallen for… I mean, given in to the temptation and are wowing them* in the streets as a result.

Proud, giddy and no doubt incontinent with excitement at the arrival of their newly acquired crap.. and at my request… OzUnreal’s Grimstar and the irrepressible Pain_Killer both managed to get hold of their cameras, bag a few Kodak moments and sent them to me…

Thusly inspiring the Idiot Gallery!

*them = “the ladies”

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    Idiot Gallery!
    That’s got’a be one of the funniest news items I’ve ever read!

  • kill me now~~!!
    aarrgggg!!! my eyes are burning!!!1

  • jimmeny jilikers
    these goggles – they do nothing!