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Tuesday morning the good lady barberella and I bundled Skooter into her travel cage and to her to the vet to have her micro-chipped (no bluetooth support unfortunately) and for the other thing…. you know what I mean [/makes *snip* *snip* gesture with mime scissors] – Anyway, we picked the little bugger up at some point during the afternoon and it quickly became apparent that she (it?) is suffering little as a result of the operation: The vet had said to “keep her quiet” for a few days.. PFFT, fat chance of that!

So, what’s the coincidence?

Well, this morning in Adelaide furious boarded a bus bound for the e-shackâ„¢….

Cat de-sexed Tuesday – Furious arrives Wednesday… Coincidence or just a lucky break? You be the judge.

~ elroy

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    Furious…Get the hell out of there!
    Is it a coincidence that ‘The Shining’ is on TV [U]while you are travelling?[/U]
    Read the signs if you dare.
    (Missing the point since 1998)