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Loitering about the internet tonight I stumbled across

Man I kacked myself reading the gear that these guys have posted – It was immediately added to my *must see internet” favorites and bungged a link in (oddly enough) the links window! here’s a quick grab of what the snoogins guys were up to a few days ago!:

yesterday blake decided it was about time we stopped smoking from his pipe that he jacked from some party, and use his mini bong instead. i was all for it, but there was a catch. we had to go to a head shop and get a new downstem for it first. after we got the downstem we drove up to the neighborhood my old high school (LAB) was in and parked about a block away. while sitting in the integra smoking from the mini this one fucker in a red car just kept driving by. he drove by like 10 times! just driving around the neighborhood by himself. shit was crazy. eventually we moved to another spot and smoked another bowl and called it a day with the pot smoking.

Not that I condone this kind of activity mind you – but damn these cats make me laugh!

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