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Phear teh ePhone™

Well, my mobile phone (that’s cell for you Americans) contract finally expired the other day so I was able to upgrade my phone and change carrier.

The good lady barbarella has been with THREE for a while now, using one of those nice LG phones – but, while I like the features that the THREE network offers (surfing, email etc) I’m not a fan of the clam-shell style phones that they usually offer.. and now days the ‘candy bar’ style phones suffer from ‘tiny screen’ syndrome which doesn’t appeal much to me. However after doing some research I came across a ‘phone’ that they offer on one of their capped plans that appealed to the inner geek in me: The Motorola A1000

After tinkering about with this phone, I’ve decided that calling it a phone is stupid – the thing is a PDA.. and it’s friggin awesome! It came with a heap of accessories: bluetooth headset, memory card, case, etc – but it’s the stuff I’ve been able to install on it that makes this thing really kick a home run!

A SEGA MegaDrive (Genesis) emulator lets me play any of the old classic games that i like, or I can watch movies/videos at fullscreen (landscape) or best of all I just discovered that the thing has night-vision! (read more for pic)

~ elroy

Bluetooth, Night-Vision… I’ve never felt so Paris Hilton in my life!!!

Seriously, don’t believe everything you read.

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    Night vision
    How? I have a1000 and I did not find any night vision

  • Night vision

  • how the hell do you dial with that thing? I don’t see any numbers.

  • Motion Sensing
    The phone has a mercury motion sensor built into it – to dial you wave the phone in the air, in the shape of the numbers that you with to dial.

    Fur further information about the ‘motion dialer’ or the ‘night vision’ capabilities of this phone you may want to read the last line of the original post a couple of times.

    ~ elroy

  • Damn that false advertising to Hell!!
    ….but seriously how do you dial on that thing?
    Donster :lol:

  • With a tender caress!
    It has a touch screen number pad – OR you can use the hand writing recognition and just write the number that you want to call… OR, you can just select the entry in the address book and use that… or..erm.. nope – that all the options I think it gives you.. OH! Speech recognition, you can assign a ‘sound’ to a person’s number and just say it when you want the phone to call them.. but that’s been around for ages.

    ~ elroy

  • Hmmm…hand writing recognition, eh?
    Although it might make it a little heavier I’m betting an attachment that sprouted an analog finger dialler would be more efficient than the hand writing recognition….I could be wrong though….its happened before.

  • I repeat
    “It has a touch screen number pad”

    ~ elroy