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Die Hard: With a vampire?

There’s some kind of disturbing news on ACIN today. Apparently the notion of a fourth installment to the DIE HARD trilogy is more than just a twinkle in some exec’s eye. This thing really is going to happen. And, according to Harry, FOX has named it’s director:

Fox, in an attempt to always find a better director than the last time out, has gone from John McTiernan to Len Wiseman, director of the UNDERWORLD films for their next installment of DIE HARD… which is apparently being called DIE HARD 4.0, where John McClane comes out of retirement to fight a gang of vicious Internet Terrorists!

Ok, so who’s this Wiseman guy? Well, as Harry pointed out, he directed the ‘not totally gawd awful, but still more sucky than any vampire movie should be’ UNDERWORLD and UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION, However an even better reason to hate him is the fact that he’s married to the smoking hot Kate Beckinsale.

The thing is, while Wiseman doesn’t have the same ‘he sucks’ hurdle to overcome that Ratner had when he took on the X3 project (yes, a review is coming), he DOES have what is probably an even greater hurdle… And that’s the fact that the last Die Hard movie (Die Hard: With a Vengeance) was a complete stinker. Utterly devoid of the awesomeness of the first two. Hell, The first Die Hard movie is not only an awesome action film, but it’s a text book example of how a movie should be made. Brilliantly paced, every scene is either a set up or a pay off, not a wasted frame and, that critical element for an action movie franchise: A signature premise! (the action taking place in one primary location: Nacatomi Plasa in DH1 and Dulles Airport in DH2)

Sadly DH3 moved away from that premise and, as a result, is a pretty forgettable movie. I, for one will be watching closely to see if Wiseman takes a leaf out of John McTiernan’s (DH1) or Renny Harlin’s (DH2) book and steers this new Die Hard film back in the direction of that premise or if he’ll continue on the path, strayed onto by McTiernan for Die Hard 3.

Read Harry’s full post, here

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