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Whilst skulking about the net last night I stumbles across the holy grail of comic nerdery – Deep in the recesses of a cupboard, back at my parents house are the surviving artifacts from my ferocious comic collecting days. I keep meaning to bring the rest of them home with me whenever visit the folks.. but I forget to.

Anyway – last night, while searching for some images to use in a design that I’m working on, the google image search feature steered me to this page!

So, What is it? It’s a complete bio of just about every character to have graced, or smashed, their way across the pages of a Marvel comic! Not only does it have a breakdown of the characters powers, but gives you all of their vital stats as well – weapons, strength, etc. They are all there too – from Hulk to Silver Surfer, the X-Men (cheap x-Crabs rip off) to the fantastic four.

How do I use this to waste my valuable time Elroy? Pfft, if your time were so vlauable you wouldn’t be here right now! But I’ll answer your question by explaining how I pissed half an hour up against the wall! Pick a character and pit them against another one: see how they mesure up by checking their stats against each other – then pit the winner against another, and another – you’ll be old and senile before you know it! Just to get the ball rolling [read more] for my pick:


Real name: Galan
Occupation: Ravager of worlds
Group affiliation: None
Base of operations: Mobile
First appearance: Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #48 (1966)

Height: 28’9″
Weight: 18.2 tons
Eye color: Unknown
Hair color: Black

Powers: Possessed of cosmic power far beyond human imagining, Galactus is able to rearrange matter, project force blasts, teleport vast distances and erect forcefields. A telepath, he can connect to any mind with which he comes in contact.

I can crush you!!!
Prepare to have your ass kicked punny human!!!!
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    i wouldnt mess with gandeto or he will bring forth a savage attack on humanity the likes we have never seen

  • HA HA HA HA!
    I laugh – I hold ma belly and laugh at your ‘Gandeto’ – he is a Galactus wanna be!

    he doesn’t even have teh power to help you put an image in your post! HA HA HA HA!