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Shyamalan: Potter Getting Darker?

Let me just say, right off the bat, I’m not a Potter Geek. I’ve sat through the movies, initially because the good lady Barberella is a fan of the books, however she became bored with the movies and hasn’t even bothered to see the last of the series to be adapted to the screen. While I didn’t completely detest Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I did find a large portion of the plot to be somewhat redundant and more than a little reminiscent of the contrived schemes that the Joker would concoct in the 60’s TV series version of Batman. Having said that I will credit the series with making an attempt to grow with it’s audience (of which I’m clearly on the outskirts of) and I enjoy the idea that each film, and I’m sure novel, has gotten darker with each outing. But that alone isn’t enough to have me excited by the idea of another two of them being made.

As readers of EOL will already be aware of, having had it crammed down their throats ad nauseum, is that one thing that WILL get me excited about a movie is to attach M.Night Shyamalan to it and that appears to be a real possibility when it comes to the next Potter flick.

I was completely unaware that M.Night had been approached to direct the first of the Potter films, although I don’t know if that would have been such a great idea, had it gone ahead it may have changed the tone of the whole series: for the better in my opinion. Mind you, I think that Chris Columbus did a fair job helming Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and it seems that, for the most part, fans of the book agree. Shyamalan may have taken the series to a darker place a little too soon. Now however, he could be just the guy to take the story and characters exactly where the series feels like it wants to go.

“You know, that Harry Potter dance has gone on a long time,” Shyamalan told Coming Soon “The problem is that it is a living breathing thing now, all by itself. When it comes over to my camp, it needs to be kind of handed over, adoption papers and everything. That’s a tricky move.” [link]

Shyamalan went on to say that the original offer to direct the first Potter film clashed with UNBREAKABLE and that he’d like the chance to adapt a novel prior to taking on a Potter project.

Currently David Yates is attached as director to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which is due out in 2007.

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