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Fark Me… We Won!!

Much to the distress of the ‘not award winning’ Simon Furious Cole, it seems that iBrett and I have won the fark/ringo ‘moving pictures’ competition that I mentioned in the previous post.

I was contacted by Michael Birch (from ringo) the other day informing Brett and I of our success in the competition.. much to our surprise. So, a huge thanks to Drew (from fark), all the farkers who voted for Brett and my entry and, of course the fine people from ringo.

If you’re interested in checking out the other entrants in the competition then head over to this page and fire up your media player of choice.

Inspired now, expect to see more video content from iBrett and myself in the near future.. just how ‘award winning’ it’s going to be is up for debate.. but we’re going to do it despite our better judgment!

Once again this is the award winning elroy, signing off…

Oh, that link to all three of our entries again is right here!

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    /waits for his cut

  • /gets out good knife..
    /cuts dogcow

  • Bush rellies
    Fark me, someone else gets your sense of humour!

  • furious
    much to my distress??? what are you talking about?

  • Don’t try to hide it star wars boy!
    distress, jealousy, call it what you will… no amount of light saber action is going to make up for the fact that iBrett and I are now ‘award winning’ film makers… like that Ron Howard guy… but with more hair.. oh.. well… I have more hair any way.. cause brett’s got that whole Captain Picard look happening… I was making a point here and I’ve forgotten what it was.. damn it!! See what happens when you visit

  • web_surfer
    The commercial for Ringo was pretty funny, would have been funnier had the beardy blokie opened the can on camera.Congrats on winning

  • ROFL
    /changes site name to