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Ghost Rider: Number Twos!

No studio in their right minds wants any ‘bad blood’ associated with any of their film releases, particularly when that bad blood is leaking from a gaping paper cut on the finger of the promotional media which covers such releases. Apparently the easiest way to administer one of these paper cuts is to snatch a preview ticket from the cubby hand of an expectant reviewer.

The majority of last week’s coverage surrounding the upcoming Ghost Rider adaptation focused on the ‘news’ that Sony would not be hosting any preview showings. The spin being that clearly Sony had no faith in the film, because it was obviously crap-tastic, and therefore they were attempting to pervert the process whereby reviewers see the film early and warn the general public not to go and see it. As we all know, movie reviewers opinions can’t be bought, and the flurry of one-handedly written articles (the other hand was bandaged, because of that paper cut analogy, which I plan on bleeding dry… See!) focusing on how bad Ghost Rider MUST BE are testament to just how honourable, and not at all prone tantrums, those who wear the mantle of professional movie critic (or reviewer) are.

Now, the pinch to all this is that Sony (if you take their word for it) never said that there wasn’t going to be any preview showings – The fact is that representatives from some sites (movieweb and superherohype) have already seen the film. And while the public previews which will be showing wont have a great lead time on them, Sony says that it is because they have taken the movie’s production “right to the wire” that screenings will be closer to the release date then your friendly neighbourhood critic would like: The original release date for the film was actually pushed back eight months because there were some delays in getting the films special effects to the level at which they were desired, and from the few accounts of those who have seen them, the wait was apparently worth it.

Just to prove that the wheel does spin both ways, at a Sony press-event for Ghost Rider it’s producer, Avi Arad, mentioned that there are already talks underway for a sequel to the, as yet unreleased, Ghost Rider. While it’s probably true that there are talks, it is probably no truer of Ghost Rider than it is for any potential film franchise these days. Where the spin comes in is that the announcement by Arad is more than likely to an attempt to outwardly bolster the impression of ‘internal’ support/faith in this first Ghost Rider film. The intention, I’m sure, is to undo any potential damage that last week’s critical hissy-fit did to potential audiences.

Whether the film turns out to be any good or not (and I hope it kicks ass) I think the most important things to note here are that, should anyone ever consider paying for my opinion on anything it should noted that I work cheap! And, most surprising of all, I’ve made it all the way through a post about Ghost Rider without once mentioning what a huge dork Nic Cage is… aw crap. [source]

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    LOVED Cage in ‘Ant Bully’.

  • Hey macca – you’re old account should have survived the database transfer, just run though the lost pw process and it’ll be good to go.

    Back on topic: I haven’t seen Ant Bully, but I’ll probably check it out when it hits blockbuster.