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Mars Attack Status: Averted

The more well informed and up to date of you will be more than aware that the planet Mars was plummeting towards us at speeds that would allow it to do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs… And how would you have known that?
Because, before the CNN site, before the grubby news of the minutes sites got wind of it, before it was plastered all over them old timey new paper publications and before it was the token science story of the day on the TV news.. you read it first , no less than a month before those other losers, here on the ever informative EOL….

Anyway, own horn tooting aside, those whacky funsters over at NASA have been keeping their good eye on the red planet (sick of hearing it called that yet?) and, as luck would have it, this latest visit to the perihelion has Mars close enough for even the hubble to take some brownie snaps of it (55,760,220 km away)… so… if your into pictures of dirty great red balls, and lets face it.. who isn’t… check out this post over at them NASA boys website!

Oh, and for those wondering why it is that we need no longer fear the threat of Martian invasion outlined in my previous post on this subject – it’s cool, all taken care of.. I went outside the other night and waved around a copy of the good lady Barberella’s latest DVD purchase and them aliens turned tail and ran…

So, at this point I’d like to admit that I was wrong.. “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood” IS good for something!

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