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Even I think I’m a nerd!

Getting my nerd on once again tonight and I passed some time by watching the latest Smallville episode, which if you’re a big enough dork, you will know has been leading up to a ding-dong, drag out, fight like a girl, confrontation between the boy of steel and the baddest super villain ever to later appear in a movie about transvestites crossing the Australian outback in a bus, ZOD!

Anyhow, the closing of said episode reminded me that I’m yet to pimp one of my little projects here on EOL… Some of you may remember the ‘in game’ (Machinima) series that the usual suspects slapped together – well, the slapping has started once again! So, should you be so inclined, head over to and grab a copy of the teaser that we’ve put together…. the geekier amongst you will no doubt immediately understand why the Smallville episode made my remembering happen or something using correct english!

While I’m doing the whole nerd plug thing – here’s some more goodies for you:

Sticking with Supes for a moment longer – Check out this collection of Superman Returns gear that Harry over at AiCN has posted.

I have to admit, I’m still a little unsure of the new Superman flick. I mean, I think Brian Singer did a fantastic job on the X-Men movies.. but the idea that this new Superman outing is a continuation of the Reeve movies (which were their own kind of awesome… Lex Luthor, Ruler of Australia!) has me wondering how that style of film will hold up. I guess we’ll know soon enough though.

And before I get too far from that mention of the X-Men movies (something I’ve not managed to do too much of in the last few posts here on EOL) there’s a new X-Men: The Last Stand trailer out AND, if you’re a Sydney or Melbourne dweller you’ll be glad to know that there are tickets for a preview (all proceeds to charity) screening of the film selling now (for the 22nd of May) – check out the x-men site for the buying!

Nerd out!

~ elroy

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