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Comix, crabs and turtles

What’s good for the goose is good for the crustacean! After crossing over with the TFM COMIX it appears to be ‘our’ turn – with yours truly and one of the x-crabs (looks to be helmet!) starring in the #10 milestone issue of TFM COMIX!

And after you’ve had a look at that crap head over to X-entertainment and check out THIS review of the original episode of the cartoon series that revived the failing dumbass super hero cash in trend at the beginning of the 90’s!

Totally unrelated: Morgues is moving home… page that is!

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    OH MY GOD!!
    Bloody Furman has linked back to elroyonline!! If people aren’t careful they may end up in a link loop and be trapped on the internet viewing EOL and TFM for the rest of their days!!

  • !!1

  • OH MY GOD!!!!
    It’s worse than I thought!

  • you know..

  • now people are stuck in a perpetual loop within EOL!

  • help!!! im stuck in a perpetual loop at EOL!

  • sorry…
    … But only Stephan Hawking can help you now.. and he knows better than to come here!

  • then hope is lost!

    try clicking another link!