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Arse poking out in front!

Well there’s a new member of the points table for the “words that help people find their way to EOL” contest (origin: here, follow up here) – as it now stands:

Anal = 2 points
Rash = 2 points
and new comer ‘Genital’ = 1 point!

While it never ceases to amaze me the kinds of things that people are searching for online, it does disturb me somewhat that they end up here.. although none have disturbed me more than a couple of the strings that have showed up so far this month!:

‘pokemon based maps for ut’ – I mean, really! I know that the demo is a long time coming but there’s no need to resort to that!


‘pointless items’ – Now this is really a sign that I’m making something of my life. If you feel the need try this: Go to Google and do a search for ‘pointless items’. Bingo, EOL is top of the pile!

Anyway – it’s still anyones game! (just to recap the entrants):

Herpes, genital, warts, anal, rash, breasts, cavity, blowjob, scrotum and Don Adams

Closely related especially to the breasts bit!: TFM has released the best comic so far….. that’s not saying much though!

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