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Rash 1, Bum 1

A few weeks ago I mused about the kinds of subjects that people were entering into search engines and finding their way here.. see this story if’n’you missed it.

Up to date? Good – Well, Ladies and Gentlemen we have had our first hit as a result of the ‘game’ that I proposed in that previous post! Today, when checking the site stats, I discovered that we have two, count ’em, two, words breaking away from the pack – at this stage it’s ‘anal’ sticking out from behind – with ‘rash’ covering his exit!

Just to recap the search terms:

Herpes, genital, warts, anal, rash, breasts, cavity, blowjob, scrotum and Don Adams

Place your bets people!

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    um.. er.. er.. anal?? nowait thats been done.. ermm.. TFM?

  • ack!
    Though those people aren’t in my target audience, I would be happy to get 1 hit from 1 search engine. I guess you’ve found your niche eh Elroy?

    -Dogcow “moof!”
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