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Taken by the overwhelming desire to create something soothing… Well, I was actually taken by the overwhelming desire to go out and kill something.. but going with the overwhelming desire to create something soothing seemed like it may have less jail time associated with it – so I ran with that instead.

Basically what we’ve ended up with here boys and girls are a couple of desktop images – designed to complement each other on a dual monitor set up – or look.. well, soothing when used by themselves. 0r perhaps with one of these on one monitor and a ‘dragonball Z desktop image on the other – or even a picture of some manga art, monochromed, with scan lines and meaningless words super imposed over the top of it… the possibilities are endless plebs – but whatever the combination, I hope you find these as soothing and ‘cathartic’ to use/view as I did to create em…

Click [HERE] to see larger versions of these – and other desktop pictures.

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    Ok then, I will.


  • Furious
    holy shit! i love the new design, Elrond!

  • Why, thank you Mr Cole
    Nice of you to notice!