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No Fox, No Lloyd… No future!

That bastion of groovy movie news has parked a bit of movie news on us that has to be the most disappointing thing since the news that there there are talks of a MacGyver film without Richard Dean Anderson!

“What could be so bad?” I hear you ask – Well, try this on for size… BACK TO THE FUTURE 4.. but wait for the gut buster… No Doc, No Marty, No Bob Gale/Robert Zemeckis brain trust behind it! No NOTHING!

Believe it or not but the dumbasses over at Universal are actually considering making an animated movie as a ‘way around’ the fact that none of the original cast (or creative team) want to be involved… and sadly it’s in the hands of that dullard Spielberg who has apparently already met with Universal to discuss ‘possibilities’…

I blame Lucas…. I mean, I know he’s got nothing to do with this.. but I feel the need to blame him anyway!

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    The Romulans wuz ‘ere
    I too blame Lucas. Fucking hell, honestly.

    He is related. Episode 1 could be considered a cartoon on a number of levels.

    Who needs actors when you’ve got CGI? The answer: George Lucas.

  • The Romulans wuz ‘ere again
    That’ll teach me to use BR tags.