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Cracking news!

Fans of ‘The Wrong Trousers’ and the other animated movies featuring Wallace and his smarter than average dog Gromit should be delighted with the latest news from Aardman Studios, (the brains behind the animated poultry based adventure “Chicken Run”). 10, count ’em, 10 new short films have just been released and are available on VHS and DVD exclusively from shopwallaceand

The movies are all part of a set titled “Cracking Contraptions” and feature an array of the whacky machine that have been produced in Wallace’s workshop.

One of the movies, “Soccamatic”, is available for download from the BBC News web site HERE

Controversy may be the name of the game with the latest TFM comic… But my question is “Who told that idiot he was entitled to an opinion?”

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    everyones entitle to an opinion – even dickheads like ServinServants :|

  • Hmmmm?
    Maybe you just need to use brighter colors?


  • yeah. ill reduce the colours to 4 bit


    thatll be bright