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Time to strap on the plastic!

Well, after much deliberation ‘they’ have finally cast the role of Bruce Wayne for the new Batman moofie.

And while you’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes at the prospect of another movie in that gawd-awful series, word on the street (which is from where I get all my words) is that this one intends to break away from the others and actually be true to the dark, twisted plot style that readers of the Dark Knight’s comics are familiar with.. But while there’s little to suggest that this is anything more than rumor, it is helped by the fact that the dude what Warner Bros have cast* in the role is none other than American Psycho boy himself, Christian Bale.

Now, if they can only work out how to get Jack back as the Joker, then we can all just sit back and watch those two try to out ‘nut bag’ each other… Now THAT’s entertainment!!

Speaking of nut-bags:
Morgues has finally remembered to update his site.. surely a sign of the coming apocalypse!

*(tips hat to gooder english)

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    Christian Bale! Fucking brilliant!! Never have i been so relieved.

  • Not since you last went to the toilet, anyway.