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Be safe idiots

Elroy’s Christmas booty:

• Collectors Edition ‘Snatch’ DVD (Bitchin!)
• ‘Gross Point Blank’ DVD (Also Bitchin!)
• ‘Bashful’ (Seven Dwarfs) Socks… (don’t ask me!)
• Two night booking at motel for sexy weekend away… (will probably take Barberella)
• Uber Edition of ‘Unbreakable’ DVD (Ultra Bitchin!)
• New duds (perfect fit)
• Awesome 69 Piece tool set (includes Impact Drill)
• ‘Deuce Bigalow’ DVD (As yet unseen, Bitchin rating withheld!)

That’s a 10 out of 10 on the “Made off like a bandit” scale!!

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    yeah and who payed a WHOLE $3 postage to get the copy of Unbreakble to your doorstep, huh?? huh?? :p

  • erm….
    Some idiot

  • heh heh heh…69

  • With an Impact Drill :oh: