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Cheap(ish) Crap!

The merchandise monkeys over at Cafe Press Just sent me an email that informs me that they are celebrating their third year anniversary.

What’s good about this (aside from it being nice to actually see an online business surviving!) is that they’ve dropped the price (for a limited time) on some of the gear in their product lists – most notably the Mugs!

So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to purchase that much needed EOL mug [pictured below] nows the time to stop being a tight wad and get one while they are cheap(ish) – at only $7.99 US (Usually $10.99 US)

As an added bonus some science type boffins* have determined that not only do beverages taste better when consumed from an EOL mug** but that your abilities to attract members of the opposite sex will dramatically increase simply by owning any piece of EOL merchandise!***

Remember!: After you’ve gone to the store-o-crap and purchased your EOL merchandise (and after it’s arrived at your house) don’t forget to send me a few photo’s of yourself and your newly acquired crap so I can add your image to the Idiot Gallery

* May not have actually been scientists or have existed at all.
** May in fact be a complete lie.
*** Clinically proven to be a complete falsehood – but then, you need all the help you can get.
**** There was no fourth foot note.
***** Remember: There is NO mark up on the price on these items, I make no profit from them what soever. I’ve done this to keep them as cheap as possible.

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