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After VirtualPC ate my install of Windows XP I’ve been forced to reinstall and update the virtual environment… while this my sound a bit foreign to regular PC users just think of it as having to reinstall your operating system after a Hard Drive goes south.. anyway – the following is an re-enactment of actual events:

Elroy: Hey Furious… do you think I downloaded the wrong service pack?

Furious: Nah that’s just microsoft for you!
Elroy: el comprehendo

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    Eso es lo que usted consigue para usar una PC de mierda en el primer lugar.

  • ¡Quisiera la sopa del día por favor!
    Bien, podría ser peor yo supone. Podría utilizar una PC toda del tiempo… No, incluso no deseo pensar de él.

  • And then…
    Hice algo que mis testículos cortaran que una PC.

  • sí. Me aburren con esto ya…
    Maybe if either of us had a friggin clue this would actually be entertaining…. alas no.

    Mind you, I think we should be proud that we made it this far without the term ‘estúpido’ coming up!