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July is over and the stats are in!

Once again it’s time to cast a concerned eye over the search strings that bought people to here to EOL over the last month! Some of you may recall the on going ‘hit race’ that started a few months back, but for the uninitiated and those with long term memory damage I’ll run over the details once again.
My host provides me with detailed stats of web activity for this site over the course of the month – these stats include a (usually quite disturbing) list of the criteria that people have entered into a search engine (such as google) and subsequently found their way here.
To me the content of these searches can give us all a look into the minds of the kinds of people who tend to visit us here at EOL (like YOU for example!) and the sorts of things that they (you!) like to read about!

Well, last months winning post seems to have been the one about ‘sweet release’ (the tonic designed to ‘flavor’ ones… juices) – some of it’s search strings looked something like this:

* sweet release supplement
* sweet release women
* sweet release pill

But as those of you following the ‘game know there are a few words that are actually part of this little contest – and they are:

Herpes, genital, warts, anal, rash, breasts, cavity, blowjob, scrotum and Don Adams

Well, it’s now time to update the score card…

Anal = 14 points
Rash = 14 points
Genital = 1 point!

It really does disturb me that the words Anal and Rash are not only mentioned enough on this site to generate hits but are searched for so regularly! However ‘disturbed’ doesn’t even begin to describe the condition that I was left in when I took a sneak peak at this months already accrued strings and found that searches for “masturbation aids” and “photos of 15 year old girls peeing standing up” had lead people to elroyonline!!

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    I got here with the string “crabs rash”

  • ..
    I took the red pill, and ended up here. :(

  • elroy is my hero
    What I find disturbing is not that someone was looking for the young girls, but that they clicked to come here…. I mean elroy’s pretty damn sexy but he’s a little older, the wrong gender, and frankly what he does in the little elroy’s room is his own business.

    And the second disturbing thing for today is that I wasted my time here! :D

  • well….
    imagine how I feel!