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Way to f**k it up, Hollywood!

In a conversation earlier today, SiteBox creator and Hollywood watch dog, Roy, and myself mused about how often the Hollywood movie machine seems to be able to cock up a potentially great movie – Yes, there was plenty of ‘Alien 3’ talk I can assure you.

As coincidence would have it, tonight I stumbled onto possibly the most definitive case of this yet! That’s right, glee and delight turned to forhead slapping dismay when I discovered that ‘New Line’ would be producing a blockbuster action film based on every ones favorite mullet – MacGyver! But, wait – before you rush into the broom closet to construct an arc welder out of a broken stiletto, a bent coat hanger and 3 silver fish in celebration, here’s the punch line!

The part of MacGyver will not be played by Richard Dean Anderson!

There you have – it well done to ‘New Line’ and to MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff, way to screw the pooch fellahs!

Read the article that bought this travisty to my attention HERE

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    Don’t thank me. Thank the moon’s gravitational pull.

  • ack!!!

    I still watch that show (when WGN doesn’t decide to show Street Smarts instead.)

    Curse Hollywood for deprecating on all the good old stuff…

    -Dogcow “moof!”