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Improving on Perfection

This week, 50 years ago, a paper was published by Francis Crick and James Watson in the journal ‘Nature’. The information that these boffins put forth in the paper was to revolutionize the fields of Biology and Medicine as it contained a breakthrough in revealing how genetic information is passed down from generation to generation.

To mark this anniversary of the publishing a pride of boffins (yes, I’ve decided that a gathering of boffins will be called a ‘pride’ – and yes, it was a toss up between that and ‘gaggle’) gathered in London to discuss the future of genetics. During these celebrations, which no doubt consisted of people with wire rimmed glasses standing about discussing their appreciation for warm jumpers and Douglas Adams, it was revealed that the pioneers of this research believe that humans will begin to genetically enhance themselves – and their unborn children – in the next 50 years.

This revelation of course set off alarm bells in the head of yours truly: Given the option of genetically enhancing ones self and without getting all x-men or going too far below the belt where would you start!?

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source: new scientist

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    Well, i’d like ot be able to run longer distances, hold my breath under water for longer periods of time etc. Think faster, see further and, on an x-men note: Fly :smile:

  • Where would who start?
    Personally i’d probably enhance my hearing… i guess there are quite a few problems with that, like hearing frequenceys that’d really hurt. But if you intergrate the abiltiy to control what you want to hear i guess that’d be ok. Heightened senses when needed. Deeper into sound.

    I can see labour industries generating peasants who are heaps strong and don’t need as much food. Or people enhancing kids so that they can work harder/better for someone else. That doesn’t sit right with me, but i cant quite tell why.

  • I’m totally down with the flying!!
    Oh Yeah – I could completely deal with a set of huge wings!
    Not only for the flying – but for all the work I’d get posing on Led Zepplin Album covers!

  • Hehe…they’re gonna get some fucked up shit when they start playing with genes.

    Dolly the sheep aged up to the same genetic age as her clone DNA donor within only a couple of years due to the way DNA protiens age.

    The main problem raised by messing with human genes is the value of human life…can you just play with genes till you get it right? What does that do to the value of life?

    I think this is just a case of people thinking they know more than they actually do…and not seeing this as everyone treats them like they actully do understand it all.

  • Wings and…
    Yeah – I’ll get some wings.. and then I’ll get whatever genes I need to be able to understand what the hell it was that Tycho just posted! :idiot:

  • I want claws like Wolverine!

  • I would probably start with hollow bones, that way the functional wing upgrade I get later would be worth something… :smile:

  • Arthur
    I wanna be a supercool samurai dude with laser eyeballs and superfast slashing and cashing action!

  • What are you guys, stupid?!?
    Even though I’m a guy, I’d give myself 40DD boobs and about a foot added below, I’d just set in front of the mirror all of the time, then I’d have to take a nap, and do it all over.

  • Every boy’s dream…
    So… let me see if I’ve got this right – You want to be a large breasted, self pleasuring, narcoleptic, narcissist with three feet…. Sorry, but I’m with the laser eyeballed samurai dude!

  • Three feet is a little too much
    It’d be hard to bend with three feet, there might be some overshoot:huh::yuk::idiot::lol:

  • It wouldn’t be all bad..
    At least you wouldn’t need to buy golf clubs!