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Butterfly Effect: Changing Lanes

Don’t ask me how the hell this happened, but somehow someone, somewhere has managed to completely sneak the fact that ‘they’ have made (and clearly BEEN making) a sequel to the brilliant 2004 sci-fi, time travel, Kutcher-fest, The Butterfly Effect.

Now, when I say ‘brilliant’ I’m obviously referring to the Director’s Cut and not the gawd awful cinema release. Trust me here, if you saw TBE at the cinema and thought it was lame, you were correct. However be sure to take the time to revisit the movie and run your peepers over a copy of said Directors Cut. Yes! it really IS that different from the cinema version. However unlike, say, the directors cut of Donnie Darko, it completely redeems the movie (where as the DD DC manages to FU).

To continue my current trend of fearing for the well being of upcoming releases, I’ll have to point out a couple of red flags bought to my attention by the news of The Butterfly Effect 2… Firstly, Lois Lane:

Yes, TBE2 stars Erica Durance, otherwise known as Smallville’s Lois Lane, sure she’s a hottie but…Ok, I should really stop myself here, because the original movie should have taught me something about labeling actors harshly. I have to admit that I have no idea what sort of performance to expect from Erica. Given that Ashton’s performance in TBE1 really surprised me (I mean REALLY surprised me), it’ll be interesting to see what Erica, who’s usually pretty wooden, can offer.

Right! Now here’s the REALLY scary bit. While searching around for information on who’s involved with TBE2, I turned up something interesting. It seems that Chris Bender, who was a producer on both TBE and TBE2 has yet another Butterfly Effect project in the works… Nope, not anther movie – A TV series. How a TBE themed television series will work is anyone’s guess. However given the complexity of one of televisions most popular series at the moment (LOST) there’s room for these guys to really do something interesting. [source]

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