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Easter Egging

Just like the major news networks do at Christmas time, I thought that I’d scour the net looking for stories that convey the spirit of Easter.. but not being a religious dude I quickly discovered that I don’t really have a handle on what the actual ‘spirit’ of Easter really is.. so then I started looking for stories about bunnies… but I found none – so here are some drive by links that will amuse and astound you during that egg induced sugar high that you are no doubt coming down from as we speak!

Who lets the dogs in?

A better mouse trap?

The smell of burning wet fur.

Seriously, it helps me relax.

Need a recipe for scrambled eggs?

Enjoy your Easter long weekend people, sorry about the lack of recent updates, expect the crap to be more regular around here in the future.
BTW, Furious has started a new comix thread called ‘The Omega Plan’ which will be crossing over into a brand new X-Crabs comic in the near future…

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