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What do you know??

Hey people check this out this thieving scumbag has decided to out right STEAL the theme that I designed for this site!!

Check the moron out at this site:

The Thieving bastard didn’t even have the decency to ask my permission – Now, some of the time I’m a reasonable chap and maybe I’d have said ‘yeah go for it” IF he’s written me an email and asked – Hell – if he’d caught me on a good day I may have even offered to design him something original – But clearly being original or decent isn’t this clowns form…

What makes this even funnier is that the fuck witt has replaced the copyright/development gear at the bottom of the page with this BLATANT LIE “Developed by copyright 2002 Part of the PSD Group” – and yet he doesn’t even have the brains to be able to cover up the fact that he STOLE the design!!!!

I can’t wait to tell the other eon guys (particularly Roy) about this ass wipe.

Be sure and drop him a line if the goat fucker ever manages to put an email link on his site… or maybe he hasn’t had time to steal that code from anywhere yet?

Love Elroy

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    *hugs elroy* :P

  • hmmm
    pitty he doesn’t live close to any of us. … we could go and pay him a visit… :P


    lets haxor his balls of elroy

    ill get some hired goons man, we can take a bus to his place and beat him senseless ;)


  • a bus?
    There’s a bus that goes to essex?

  • hoverbus

  • Well you know the thing that most concerns me about this Topic – the last line of Elroy’s post….

  • WarT
    YOu know you want it biatch!