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We probably did start the fire…

We are almost done with 2002 now so I thought I’d do what everyone else on the planet is doing, and recap the past with a little piece that I’m calling ‘Teh year that was!” (sung to the tune of “We didn’t start the fire” by that guy who was dumped by Christie Brinkley ):

Server’s down, fragster time, playing with the page design, mattster wins the gold elroy, strangelove is my favorite toy.
Pictures of outer space, Futurama in disgrace, Roy finds sitebox glitch, PC ends up in a ditch.

New maps under way, Pioneer out to play, rejoicing when the crabs arrive, Fozzie’s the biggest fool alive.
Camel fucker, site design, teh fonz is talking on the line, buzzmoo in the elroy van, in Essex or Afghanistan?

Furman comix on the net, none of them are funny yet, Nasa shows its boffin witt, elroy chucks a hissy fit.
Riff a tripping, crabs are nipping, buzzmoo is out to squash, evil is a macintosh.

Elroy has a simpson face, Spend it all in this place, Now I want an aircraft gun, Barberella says I’m getting none.
Phil Collins biggest fan, More Buzzmoo in the elroy van. here’s another cube to learn, cum and get your flavored sperm!

bum rash, Marz bound, In the vault where fools are found, Stupid mum, Bra’s are dumb, Oh! Look I found another one!

Paper rocks, Robot eyes, sorrow when an X-Crab dies. MacGyver in a movie show, idiots show you what they know!
Curry rat, cheap crap, Duchovny should be the top cat. Soccamatic, Simon frantic, I found this one in the attic!

Rommy in a future place, Robot ghosts from out’a space. PC action I regret, toothless on my TV set.
Elroy in a magazine, can’t remember where I’ve been. Simon drinks a moldy brew… thank god there’s nothing left to do!

Have a happy and safe new year idiots…

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    The Romulans says…
    I highly enjoyed the X-Crabs comics. The rest… umm…

  • :idiot:

  • meh
    Elory is teh Billy Joel :eep!:

  • Don’t shoot me…
    Better than being teh elton john I suppose!

  • I’m only the messanger!
    you could have re-written the lyrics to Candle in the Wind… agian!

  • you could learn to spell “again” ?