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As promised!

As I promised in my last post I have been working on a new map (when I’ve had time) HERE is a temporary gallery of it – this is very much a work in progress so – as you will see – there are plenty of areas that are still yet to be textured, lit, etc…

Wholly crap!! The hit counter has almost tipped 20,000 – wow.. thanks for that… so to celebrate – I’ll host a quick contest – the first (and there should only be one!) person to send me an undoctored (yes I’m looking at you Simon!) screenshot of the counter at 20000 will win a screenshot of the counter at 20000! >grin<

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    I win
    although i havent sent it to you – i demand lollies.

  • Oh, and one more thing
    it was my constant viewing of the page that put the counter up that fucking high.

  • WHAT
    You win nothing foo!

  • Furious Sucks
    At least that is what I heard….

    I presume this is a map for that UT game….people still play it??

    /me confesses to playing a couple of maps last night.