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Following up THIS post Buzzmoo files this report from an undisclosed location:

As the design theft situation develops, the EON IT consultancy diverted half it’s funds (Bandit’s breakfast) towards a reconnaissance mission into the heart of enemy territory. Utilising the multi million dollar inconspicuous, stealth running, gaydar scanning EOL Van, we drove to Essex, the location of the site nabbers.

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Now, Essex is no ordinary town. Apart from their inability to design their own websites, we discovered that they are holding a county wide Easter competition.
The Cadbury Chocolate Company donated 100 (Yes, 100!!) balloons to the Essex community so they could let them go and try and catch them. If you catch a balloon you get some chocolate. It is projected that the entire population of Essex will take a break from its design theft in order to participate.

In other, less happy news, a worker at what is presumed to be Essex’s only general store was threatened by a robber with a knife. The criminal then took some money from the till. It seems crime has taken a drastic turn from cyber-theft to petty theft. Tonight, the community is in lockdown and the police have turned their desk over and blocked the door to the station in fear that the knife wielding Essexian will return.

Finally, if you are planning on rowing to Essex, we managed to gather some tidal info for you.

High tides at Harwich for today, Friday, March 22, are at: 0431 and 1703.
Tomorrow high tides are at: 0537 and 1818.
On Sunday they are at: 0703 and 1943.
On Monday they are at: 0833 and 2106.

More updates as news comes to hand.

(Submitted by Essex Correspondent Buzzmoo)
Thanks Buzzmoo
More surveillance to follow – stay tuned folks.

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